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Westlo 10-12-2001 01:25 AM

Fav song of Escaflowne
Well whats your favourite song in escaflowne

just choose one

Dance Of Curses

Shenrezade 10-12-2001 03:03 AM

I kind of like "No Need for A Promise." I also like the tune they play when Van eradicates the Dragon Slayers.

Westlo 10-12-2001 07:47 AM

That track is Epistle

Ishara chan 10-12-2001 08:40 AM

Kaze Ga Fuku Hi has always been my fave. :)

Kawaii Miko 10-12-2001 08:45 AM

Mine is Mystic Eyes or Aoi Hitomi

Westlo 10-12-2001 08:46 AM

i like that song Kaze Ga Fuki Hi and was one of the first anime mp3s i download (and the only one honest) is it from the movie i hven't heard it in the series

Ekaterini 10-12-2001 12:03 PM

Hmmm. That's a tough one since I like 'em all...probably my fav is Yubiwa, though. ^^

Ishara chan 10-12-2001 12:26 PM

yeah, another one of my faves is mystic eyes, too.

Fenix 10-12-2001 01:32 PM

I have a few, but my favorite is Gloria.

Yasei Chi 10-12-2001 01:42 PM

My fave from the series is "Yakusoku wa Iranai" - the opening title. From the movie, my fave would have to be "Sora's Song".

Nulani 10-12-2001 04:35 PM

I always liked "Tomadachi", 'sides I can't think of the title of the others :sweatdrop... from the movie I liked "Sora's Song" best..

Callisto 10-12-2001 08:29 PM

Oh boy, I like "Yakusoku Wa Iranai", "Empty the Pocket", "Dance of Curse," "Aoi Hitomi", "Shrilly", "Scrappy", and from the movie I like "Sora", "First Vision", "Colours", "Sora's Folktale", "Yubiwa", and "You're not Alone". :D

Westlo 11-12-2001 03:24 AM

I heard Soras song and its excellent but then i got some more bebop songs i don't know which ones better in music:confused:

Space Lion is good and green bird one of the best

yet escaflowne has dance of curses and soras song

me goes back to listening to yano kanno songs

MrBS 11-12-2001 11:29 AM

They're all so good, but if I have to pick favourites I guess Gloria or Romance.

Dilandau Addict 11-12-2001 06:05 PM

I love ALL the Esca songs, even the orchestral ones. My absolute fav is Love on CD 2. (Not played in the series though. Damn!)

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