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eva2000 06-01-2004 10:36 AM

Forum Rules Forums came online on June 24, 2000 and I hope that this place grows and matures like my old forums did. I have a few simple rules which by registering on this forum, you have agreed to abide by:

Any member who breaks any of the forum rules will be given 2 warnings via private message, email and/or warnings within the actual offending post/thread. On 3rd warning the member will be banned for ever from the forums. However, in certain circumstances members who display/express their intentional behaviour to break forum rules and disregard for forum rules will be banned without warning.

  1. Respect each others' opinions - you don't have to agree with them but please respect them.
  2. Post in the correct and appropriate forums.
  3. NO duplicate member accounts - please each member must only have 1 member account.
  4. NO links or urls to images or web sites containing Hentai, adult/nudity are allowed.
  5. Animeboards wishes to maintain a moderately high level of decency. Common sense and the wishes of the administrator have set this level at the age of 13. Therefore, do not post things that depict or describe, in terms patently offensive, sexual or excretory activities or organs. In addition, do not post things depicting or describing, in terms patently offensive, torture or rape. Moderators have permission to interpret which terms are "patently offensive" and which are not.
  6. NO insulting or personal attacks on other members - if some one insults you, do not retaliate but report the offending post using the 'report this post' button link located in each post's top right corner!
  7. NO board battle or add a post/line story type of threads until further notice.
  8. NO selling or promotion of your own web services or products. If you want to pay for advertising on this forum contact the Admin here for current advertising rates.
  9. NO selling or distribution or discussion of illegal or copyrighted materials on this board.
  10. NO links to full anime episodes, anime mp3s, midis, or video clips and of eva and other fan subs etc
  11. NO plagerising or copying other fan artists work and taking credit for it. Three warnings are given before appropriate action is taken.
  12. No trolling or spamming the forum or it's members - this includes trying to sell illegal copyrighted goods via the forum and/or posting comments which will intimidate, promote or generate hatred or flames among members.
  13. Members please DO NOT troll or spam other people's forums to promote this forum - it gives this forum a bad reputation.
  14. Members please DO invite your friends or fellow anime fans to this board.
  15. Members please DO recommend this forum on other people's forum ONLY when it's fitting to do so.
  16. Rule added to prevent bandwidth abuse internally/externally read below here
Last of all, have fun, participate in discussions and visit daily :)

eva2000 10-01-2004 11:30 PM

If you need to contact the Admin or moderators you can post in the Contact Admin forum here

eva2000 26-01-2004 01:04 AM

Rule added to prevent abuse of bandwidth on forums and externally.

Webmasters and web site owners in general pay for the bandwidth which costs alot of money. Regular forum members also pay for their bandwidth with their internet service providers (ISPs).

So when members deliberately set out to post very large images in posts such as several 1-300MB high resolution images in hopes to use up the web site owner's bandwidth or inadvertantly use up members and visitors bandwidth with their providers, it will result in an immediate permanent life ban from the forums.

Any member who is guilty of this prior to this rule being added, will get 2 week ban, while any member guilty of this rule breach after this rule was added (this post's date) will result in an immediate permenant life ban.

Such actions, are totally irresponsible and can cost web site owners and visitors/members alot of money in bandwidth fees.

As a web site and forum owner myself, I know keeping on top of hosting costs is very hard. Please be considerate to both fellow members and other web site owners when you decide to post large images on the forums.

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