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kusinagi-kun 16-11-2000 04:32 AM

it's a manga, i know, but where else am i gonna post this ?

the site :
the comic : very very very crude, very very very funny...

ever read Heartbroken Angels ? then you know what to expect from Clay, the creator of this crazed male-oriented daily.... (dealing often with un-funny things like necrophilia, suicide and sex *sometimes in the same comic!*)


~~*UrArA-cHaN*~~ 16-11-2000 02:03 PM


kusinagi-kun 16-11-2000 04:05 PM


Originally posted by ~~*UrArA-cHaN*~~
oh it is... if you're into that sort of thing :heh:

Asuza_chan 16-11-2000 08:45 PM

It's the funniest damn comic on the web! Gotta love the h-line. ^_^ Very very perverse though. :D

lilmisato 16-11-2000 09:06 PM

:lol:so funny!

kusinagi-kun 16-11-2000 10:50 PM

*fap fap fap*


tyciol 23-04-2017 02:37 AM*/

Way back failed. I heard the site was taken down after a legal dispute. Does anyone have an archive?

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