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Lina Inverse 24-05-2011 03:40 PM

Hey there
Greetings everyone,

I am Lizzy (Using the name Lina Inverse) I am an anime fan since before I knew what anime was. In the 89's I watched shows like MapleTown & The Little Koloa then saw Speed Racer on MTV then eventually Sailor Moon & rest was history. I am still sorta new to Cosplay but will finally be cosplaying as Lina Inverse! I also have done a voice over on a cartoon, that was anime influenced called Kappa Mikey as well am working on some other projects!

If not already known, did you know Sailor Moon & Code Name Sailor V gets released this September? I am working on an event here in the Houston,TX area. If any fans here are from Houston, or around Houston, drop me a message if you want to know about this event!
Or even start an event in your area if your NOT in Houston,Texas. :)

I also ask if any fans have facebook please check out Anime superStar, awesome guys! I hope to meet new friends. ^-^

Steathassasn 31-05-2011 03:31 PM

Welcome to the boards!

but as someone here has pointed out before...its not like it used to be...( or fourms for that matter ..thanks Search button) but with new anime coming out all the time there should still be plenty to discuss ...So just sit back relax...wait scratch that ...jump in and get dirty with the rest of us and tell us what you like and dont like ..and keep the fourm alive

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