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A short comical crossover fic with GWing and SMoon. Sexual reference, but no sex, it's just funny that way. Please revie, good or bad, I can take it. Enjoy!
It was a beautiful day in Tokyo. The sun was shining and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Five young boys are seen walking into the arcade center, seating themselves in a window booth. They all order drinks and decide on the days events.

Duo: Hey! Who's gonna watch the big game??

Quatre: Eh?

Duo bonks Quatre on the head.

Duo: Hello!? The game on TV? Duh! You guys doin anything later??

Trowa: .......

Wufei: ......

Heero: .......

Duo: Oh come on ...Tell me??

Quatre: Duo, you know it's not polite to whine like that, please don't .. ppl will start to look.

Duo: *sighs* okay .... I'll just find someone else who will *sniff*

Heero: *rolls eyes*

Duo: And I think I just did.

Just then five young girls walk in talking and laughing. Duo gets up and makes his way over to the girls. He whispers to the blonde with the odango hair style. She blushes slightly and nods and they both walk off. The four other boys just roll there eyes and shake there heads. The four other girls stare off in amazment, two with hearts for eyes. They talk amongst themselves and take off and follow they're friend.

Quatre: I didn't know he knew her.

Heero: There in the same classes.

Wufei: How would you know?

Heero: She's been over.

Quatre, Wufei and Trowa: Nani???

Heero: *smirks*

Wufei gets up and starts to walk to the door.

Quatre: Wufei? Where you going?

Wufei: I'm curious as to what is going on with that blonde... he asked if we were doing anything later, and we didn't tell him and he didn't get mad or beg us to death though he probably would have if Quatre hadn't shut him up but still and frankly, I didn't think he liked anyone except Heero ... hell, I didn't think he liked girls.

Quatre: *sweatdrop*

Trowa: *chuckles*

Heero: *hmph*

At the same time, the three others joined Wufei and were out the door.


Duo: C'mon, I wanna hurry up.

Serena: Why, what's the rush?

Duo: I wanna do it before the guys find out.

Serena: Oh .. okay, makes sense.

~Half way across town~

Rei: What was that all about?

Mina: Like I'd know!?

Lita: Well, he was cute, he kinda looked like my old boyfriend.

Rei: Every guy looks like your old boyfriend Lita.

Lita: ........

Mina: *laughs*

Amy: Lets just find Serena okay.

Rei: Geez Ames, what's the rush, I didn't think you wanted to know?

Amy: .......

Rei, Lita, Mina & Amy: *laugh*

Mina: Hey! There's those guys that cute guy was with.

Amy: Looks like we're going to the same place.

Lita: Yea, lets see what's up.

Rei: *rolls eyes*

On the way to Duo's apartment the eight young adults meet up. They discuss their friends and decide to go together. So they all started to Duo's place.

~At Duo's apartment~

Serena: So .. lets get started.

Duo: Wow .. what enthusiasm.

Serena: *laughs*

Duo: Okay, you stand here, now help me pull this out.

~At the apartment complex~

Quatre: Well, this is it, what's the number again?

Rei: 217

Trowa: ......

Wufei & Amy: How do you know?

Rei: Serena's a big mouth.

All: *sweatdrop*

Wufei: Well, lets head up.

All: *nod*

So they all rode the elevator up to the second floor and walked to Duo's apartment. They stopped at the door when they heard some comotion inside. So not wanted to barge in, they *all* put there ear to the door to hear what was going on.

Duo: C'mon Serena, put yer back into it, we haven't got all day!

Serena: I'm trying, but it's so hard.

Duo: I know, that's why I had you come here

Serena: Well, I didn't expect it to be so BIG!

Duo: Well, with this baby, it's definitely the size that matters.

Everyone outside gets wide eyed and looks at each other in disbeliefe. Just then Darien walks up to the young crowd and peeks over Rei's shoulder.

Darien: So what's up?

All the girls turn red and the boys sweartdrop

Amy: Here, listen for yourself.

Darien, along with the rest, listen to the conversation on the other side of the door.

Duo: C'mon Serena, push harder!

Serena: I am Duo! I think it's stuck, it is a pretty small hole after all

Duo: Oh geez, you tell me that now! It's practically all the way in!

Serena: Not my fault it's so big, it is *yours* after all

Duo: *glares* Suuuure, rub it in. I suppose yours is bigger!?

All mouths drop and await Serena's answer.

Serena: As a matter of fact, mine would be a perfect fit!

Duo: Ha! Whatever, just keep pushing.

After a long silence, Darien spoke up. "I'm goin in, I can't belive Serena would cheat on me!" Just then Heero gives is trademark look and pulls his gun on Darien. "Let it go earth boy, they'll explain later" They all stopped and looked to the door when they heard a large thud and some curse words

Serena: Damn! My hands stuck!

Duo: How the hell did ya get it stuck all the way down there!?

Serena: *glares* Just gimme a hand

Duo: Har har ... oooh all right, gimme a sec

Serena: OW ow ow ow! I thought you were gonna get my hand out!

Duo: Well I gotta pull this *grunts* out, so I can get your hand out.

Serena: Awe, your so sweet to do that for me

Duo: Like I have a choice, you're the only one I trust to handle this type of load.

By this time Heero had seemed to have had enough, he cocked his gun and walked to the door. Darien stopped him "Let it go, they'll explain" He said in a mock Heero tone. Quatre put his hand on Heero's shoulder and agreed. Heero reluctantly put his gun away. All look back to the door, awaiting another word.

Duo: There!! All free, now lets get this in here before the guys show up.

All the guys look at each other and shrug, girls turn red, Darien looks confused.

Serena: So why me? Why not one of the guys?

Heero: Yes Duo, why not one of us (other side of door)

Duo: This baby is prescious, you think I'm gonna let *them* handle this?

Serena: I guess you have a point. Almost done?

Duo: Yep! Just a couple more hard pushes and it'll be all the way in, then we can stop and clean up the mess

On the other side of the door.

Heero: Oh I can't wait, wait till I get my hands on that lil son of a b--

Quatre: So, what do you think they were doing?

All sweatdrop and anime fall

Lots of grunts and cursing were heard in the apartment, all awaited the silence, knowing they could then barge in and do some cleanin up of they're own.

Serena: Done!!

Duo: Yay! now lets clean up before the rest get here kay?

Serena: Okay!

You hear lots of rustling and giggling.

The group felt it was safe to go in and well, did. They barged they're way into Duo's apartment, Heero, gun cocked and ready stopped in his tracks when he seen Duo hugging Serena.

Heero: Why you dirty lil bi-

Duo: Hee-chan!! Guys! Take a look at me new bigscreen TV!!

All: TV!?

Duo and Serena: *nods*

All: *sweatdrop*

Amy: But all that noise .... hands .... big ... *blushes*

Duo: *facefault*

Serena: Oh Ames! I was helping Duo with his tv, he didn't want the guys to know, he wanted it to be a surprise!

Duo: Yeah! I was gonna invite y'all to watch the big game on it, was gonna order out and all that.

All: Ahhhhh okay

Duo: *grins* What didja think we were doin .. making out or something???

All: *sweatdrop and fall to the ground*
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