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Posts: 12,409 vB3 RC2 upgrade upgraded to the latest vBulletin v3 RC2 forum software. I'd like to thank Nairohe for creating the newly revised AB mascot - doesn't she look cute? Expect to see the mascot around more in the future

There's bound to be some bugs and issues with the updated software so please reply to this thread with questions or bug reports. The forum FAQ at also has alot of info regarding the new features etc.

Some of the newer features by example... multiple attachments per post. There's alot of popup, javascript drop down menus across the forums. If you have javascript disabled in your browser, you will get an alternate template to view for the navigation, menus etc.

Updated Jan 12, 2004:
Add option to choose how you want your Postbit, user profile displayed within each threads' posts. Either at 'Top' (new method) or 'Left' old regular method. You can select it via User CP - Options panel under Thread Display Options

Jan 14, 2004
- Google Adsense advertising added to site
- member signature is now only shown only in first post page of a thread rather than in every post on a page i.e. if you post 4 times in a row on 1st page of a thread, your sig will only be shown in the first post

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be afraid... Admin cap is back... !

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