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Originally Posted by eva2000
Things to check out

9. Multiple usergroups - so members can belong to more than one usergroup/titles etc. Ideal for RPG forums where members may want different titles for RPGs
Oh really? Tell me more, darling admin.

I'm still sort of floating around and seeing what's what, as there's a whole bunch of features that sort of clutter things up a bit. So far as the layout goes, how you've got it right this second with some of the forums collapsed and some not seems to be alright for now. I suppose only time is going to tell whether or not it's any better - everything's still got that new forum smell.

So far as bugs go, I haven't really found any. Though I keep having to re-log in every new thread or reply I make, though that's probably a cookie thing.

Also, given that I have a huge sig that was put in before the upgrade, it displays the whole thing. I take it that other members are probably going to have this to, so it might be a problem. That and the 250 characters count also includes formatting, which makes the bunch of RPG urls I had in there go over the limit.... so I don't know what to do there, heh.

I'll let you know if I stumble across anything more.
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