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Oh man, it sounds like you had a similar problem like the AIC board had. Their problems started when a HD crapped out and they lost about a month's worth of posts because it hadn't been backed up in a while. They replaced the HD and copied the saved files to the new HD and then that's when the real problems started. They couldn't get the system to boot into a stable enviorment, They tried to do a work around untill they could find the culprit causing the problem then they had some sort of a cascade failure of the entire system. That failure corrupted everything. They decided to build a bulletproof web server for the board with redundency built in. Their biggest problem was recovering the BBS itself. They managed to recover 80% of the posts from the corrupted HDs. They finally got the board online again the last week of december. I guess it just goes to show that The computer gremlins can hit anyone at any time.
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