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Originally Posted by Bradster
Reminder, Daniel is sponsoring our server/hosting for free, so without pouring additional $$$ to make things go quicker, we'll have to be patient and wait for the final outcome to the solution to the problem (as outlined below).

By this time I'm curious to know if Eva saved Daniel's life or has some particularly evil dirt on him because if I was in his place, the first time this happened definitely would've been the last for anyone but a paying customer, even if I did have thousands of extra dollars laying around to replace all this hardware. Is AB squatting on a particularly important server which has to be replaced if it goes down? Were other customers really in bad straights because of this?
Not sure what you're asking ?

It's all good with Daniel ..... he bought that dual AthlonMP 2400+ server specifically and solely for AB's use and no other site... in hopes of helping me make one of the best Anime forums online

Daniel is an anime fan like me who I also helped in the past with server/biz related stuff for him (i'm a nice person and have helped alot of people ), so generously he offered to host AB and sites and has done since July 2002. I guess Daniel, like me has to worry about number #1 priority earning $$$, I believe Daniel was busy servicing his paying clients/earning a living hence the delays with the old server and investigating the SCSI failing drive. I could of risked running the forums on the old hardware, but if the SCSI disk did eventually fail, it would mean even more downtime and possibly losing the data.

Rather, that wait any longer, I decided to seek out alternate hosting for the forums, Plus, i was getting jealous everyone I know is upgrading to vB3 Gold, and I was still on vB3 RC3 at the time
be afraid... Admin cap is back... !

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