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Thumbs up Database server upgrades - downtime scheduled

Our gracious hosts (read are planning to upgrade the database server which powers both and their own forums at soon.

As members and visitors have noticed, the 'server is busy' messages on AB, these a due to the servers being overloaded due to 2 large vB forums on the servers.

There's my forums, which even now it it's slow activity receive 200+ users online (mainly guests) and 8,000+ visitors/day still. And there's our hosts' forums, which is nearly 10x times larger than AB, with over 8.3 million posts, 77k members and up to 1,800+ users online at a time.

Currently, we're being powered by 2x dual cpu servers by

A web server:
Dual P4 3.0Ghz Xeon
3GB ram
SCSI disks

A database server:
Dual P4 2.8Ghz Xeon
3GB ram
10,000 rpm SCSI disks raid 10

The plan is to upgrade the database server to:

New database server:
Dual P4 3.6Ghz Xeon
8GB DDR400 Registered ECC ram
15,000 rpm SCSI disks raid 01

I'll be helping with setting up and tweaking the new database server to ensure everything is running fine.

So folks expect some downtime in the days or weeks to come for the server upgrade. Hopefully this will eliminate the server busy messages

your admin

be afraid... Admin cap is back... !

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