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Thumbs up - new style / 8th birthday !

Being pretty busy these days, it's the first time I've actually overlooked birthday

Yup went online on June 24, 2000, so 13 days ago, turned 8yrs old! Yup 8yrs old

Many old timers have moved on but there's still a few of the original members around, so happy birthday folks!

For 2008 there will be changes made - yes long overdue !

Changes made so far:
  • vBulletin forum software upgraded from ancient 3.0.15 to 3.7.2 PL1 - lots of new features so I urge you to check out your User CP and to manage your subscriptions and update your email/password.
  • New forum style refresh with new AB logo
  • Moved older Anime series forums to A-Z archive forum
  • Pruned alot of inactive, 0 post and spam email domain accounts
  • Implement additional anti-spam features for registration page and contact page
  • Set permissions to only allow pm messaging when user has more than 2 posts
To do list:
  • Implement more anti-spam measures to combat post and private message spam bots
  • Add more current/popular anime series forums
  • Archive some forums older content
  • Aim to reduce the number of publicly listed forums to trim some fat from AB forums
  • Further tweak forum style and layout
  • New AB logo - I'll be keeping the character 'Blue' originally made by Nairohe but you guys are free to come up with a better 300x122 pixel logo based on her from these 2 PSD (photoshop files) you can download here and here

Forum account locked emails / PM spam:

Some folks might have gotten forum account locked emails and spam private messages due to an automated spam bots attempts to brute force log into your user accounts and dormant spam bot user accounts which seem active now. Your accounts should be safe unless you used a very basic and easy to guess password. When AB reopens, it's probably best to change your passwords and update your email addresses. Also if you get spam private messages, please let me know the usernames of those spammers via contact admin/mod forums so i can rid the forum of these users. If you no longer visit AB, you can set email notifications from admin etc to NO and remove your thread subscriptions which will stop any more emails being sent your way.

Changing email addresses:

Remember, if you do change your email address, change it to an approved (non-free email address) and make sure to check your new email address for the activation url code so you can re-activate your account. Otherwise, you won't be able to post on the forums until you re-activate your account.

New features:

Along with new forum upgrade, there's a few new features you might want to check out including

be afraid... Admin cap is back... !

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