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Originally Posted by John Faulkner View Post
Don't be such a Judas - we've come this far and you want to be a deserter? A treacherous blowhard? No. We are honour-bound to carry out what we preach. Besides, to be a mod at AB, all you have to do is to make one post a year and then you've already surpassed the minimum requirements.

Eva2k, the deal is fresh and alive. You are not going to get a better offer this decade from two people who are so well suited to the role of injecting some life into this decaying board.

People keep on saying this place "just" needs to evolve. Well, since you and your existing mods are too busy or whatever, such that getting you guys to do something is like trying to get blood from a stone, make Black_Knight and I mods and we'll bloody apply eugenics to this place. You just sit back and watch. Remember: we're doing this for free. What more do you want? We've even done a SWOT analysis of this place!

And just to illustrate visually the importance of your decision Eva2k: I've updated the 2008 AB perception charts to show the likely consequences of whether you reject or accept Black_Knight's Wager:
love the charts heh

While the offer is tempting and not completely off the tables, right now I'd have decline. But your ideas have spurred further thought from me for something similar in arrangement. I won't go into complete detail as to why but touch on a few points so you folks know where I'm coming from.

1. Anyone who's followed me from my old ezboard days to start of AB forums (and by now most will have suspected by my lack of action), will know I'm sentimental in that I don't like deleting posts and threads (all everything from start of AB 8yrs ago still exists and has only been archived/hidden but never deleted). Changing usernames is another pet hate especially for long standing members . Asking me to do such actions as deleting and change to me seems like removing part of the past which defined part of's history. I and all the moderators and older members put alot of hours and effort into (myself over AUD$50k in hosting and related running costs alone) and to simply hit the delete key (on forums/posts and moderators) is to disregard all that acknowledged effort and time.

2. Moderators - by forum features are allowed to do certain tasks, delete, prune, copy, move threads/posts, ban/unban members, view private forums etc. What they can't do is delete or remove forums or approve or deal with new member registrations. You need to have admin privileges for those functions which opens up the rest of the admin functions as well. Right now I'm not prepared to open up admin privileges to anyone - matter of trust really (no offense). Admin features have a potential to completely destroy AB data integrity etc in the wrong hands.

3. For all moderators I have chosen to date, one of the overriding criterias for moderator selection is trust. Trust in above all else point #1.

4. As i mentioned early days of AB hosting costs were massively expensive due to rapidly growing AB member and posting activity. I spent total over AUD$50k in hosting related costs and at most crucial of peak AB growth had to reach out to members for donations to keep AB online. As AB's growth declined (2 server moves and downtime due to hosting related issues contributed to initial decline), hosting costs came down as well to a level which I can now manage.

Now if AB grows again, hosting costs will eventually go up again to the point where I can't afford to continue covering costs again. It won't be as bad as in past as hosting costs have come down with relatively more power server hardware. But from what history has shown me, covering costs via donations and/or advertising won't cover the costs at all

Katerine, in another thread in contact forum has suggested removing new member manual approvals since vB has better rego anti-spam measures now. So I'm thinking of trialling this suggestion out for a month to see what spam levels are like. Letting new members in faster I guess can help somewhat

John, I appreciate all your effort in kicking me in the backside to get me moving so hopefully you can be patience in my resistance to revolutionary change.

One thing for certain is will always be online if I have my way - goes back to point #1.
be afraid... Admin cap is back... !
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