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Originally Posted by MeMyself View Post
I've seen some on your list. I haven't heard of others.

You seem to have a bit of ERO anime in there. I don't know how the site administrators will react to discussions on those.

Still, it will be nice to have another voice in the discussions. Join in.
Here is a question open to all.
Like what are those anime series that are H ?
I say most 18+ are and most bible black are but some vols are not.
Sakura Diaries is hitting very close.
Legend of the wolfwoman has a great plot and yes it is explicit but the plot is great as it has abot 3 mins of comdey and 10 mins of H (and it is nessery to the plot as they say mate , kill , consume the world ) its like the anime version of the thing but with rabies involved.
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