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Originally posted by Yui_Reborn
Cool idea! You're probably better off NOT picking months though......because what if 12 people pick December and no one does May????? Well, I mean you can pick months, but unless you got a lot of entries, a lot of months could be left unfilled because months with big holidays would get the most entries.
Ohh, about that problem, Chiki said that the best 10 entries will be selected, like the best one would be january, runner-up would be february....

Only october and december are special, because of Halloween and X-mas. So those two, you can draw something special for them, and it would be something totally appart from the 10 months, so that's why Chiki allowed 2 entries: one for any month (you dunno which it'll be displayed on if you are selected) and one for october or december...

In short, main entries which don't consern october or december's celebrations will be displayed on whatever month, depending of their ranking at the end of vote or selection or whatever.
Other entries, those for either october or december... The best will be chosen and will be displayed on THOSE SPECIFIC months.

Chiki, shouldn't we include february, for Valentine's Day?
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