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Yeah... hardly anyone has heard that it's out.. you'd think more people would O.o Do you know how many episode's there's been so far?
Hiro: You like him, don't you?
Shuichi: Huh?
Hiro: All you do is talk about him.
Shuichi: What are you talking about?! He's a guy -
Hiro: You can't help it.
Shuichi: !
Hiro: Ah~ I've been keeping you all to myself up to now... and giving you away to another man... How sad...
Shuichi: Hi... Hiro. You... I'm sorry, I didn't notice until now.
Hiro: All I want is for you to be happy... (smirking) Hurry up and tell him you like him!
Shuichi: O_o ...

~Gravitaiton TV episode 1
(translation by Ochiba Anime)
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