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Exclamation Re-watching Code Geass

I just finished re-watching Code Geass. I wanted to see it uncut with the original Japanese. The subtitles on the DVD are pretty good, so the whole story is there. Actually, the voices in the Japanese dub are better than the English.

There were a few details I forgot from when the series ran on Adult Swim. But I was surprised to find out that the second time through I really did not get much that I did not get the first time I saw the series. It really is more simplistic than I remember. Oh, this time it was a bit easier keeping track of the several characters. There are so many, it is easy to get confused the first time through. But re-watching gave me no new insights into the story itself.

Note that I only watched the first series. I have not re-watched R2 yet. Netflix does not have the first part of the second series. When they do, I will re-watch that as well.
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