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But it can't be a real Code Geass sequel without Lelouch!

That is why if I were doing the sequel, Lelouch would be dead, but not dead as we know it. That way he could return. I would also have it that anyone who dies as a direct result of geass may also not be dead as we know death, but would be able to return with the help of someone who has geass. So Lelouch could also bring Shirley and Euphimia back, although they would not be their own bubbly, happy selves. Wouldn't your personality be changed if you were shot to death?

I would not have the Emperor, Lady Marianne or Mao come back since I am not sure they are really dead. Mao is in "CC land," whatever that is. And Lelouch sent his parents to wherever. Probably they are living next door to Mao, and not too happy about it. I am not so sure about what I would do with Rollo. I guess by my thinking, he could also return. But why make the story more complecated.

At least I would give Kallen a second chance to get it on with Lelouch. If a virgin Lelouch would have no other reason to return from the dead, it would be to get it on with a hot redhead! Although that may make Lelouch think twice about bringing Shirley back.

This would make one hellava fan fiction if I had the time to write a novel.
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