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Nairohe-chan, don't strain yourself too much. Just choose one of the months and you'll be fine.

As to everyone here, let me clarify the purpose of this project so that way, I don't have to receive AND repeat numerous PMs about the months and so forth.

Since I took over this project, I have decided to ask alot of people from AB as I much as I can to participate. Reason being is because numerous members who are artists live in different countries and time zones but however, manages to talk to others at the same time. Pretty much like Internet time to all of us.

THAT, is the sole purpose of AB's 2003 Calender

Say for instance, I'll do one for the season of spring which falls on october (since i live in Australia) and another member wanted to do an autumn one for the same month (say this person lives in the US). Two members can ACTUALLY do that altogether in one month.

The reason I set four people up to do their work on ONE month only is the main reason why I did it. That way, people can share it from different perspectives rather then just a calender consists of months with only a few themes added to it.

I hope this clears everything here.
...NYA! :3
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