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Thanxies for the reminder Usagi-chan. DestinyGal, July or April...please choose one of them.

Sorry its just that I'm still asking all (or more) fanart members of AB as much as I can.

If anyone knows other fanartists on AB that I didn't find yet, either recommand this person about this project or PM their sign-in names ASAP.

Now, here's the scary bit:
In case no one DIDN'T hand in their assigned pics in time will automatically be replaced by current members of the calender. Now you don't want that to happen do you? Well I certainly don't want to replace anyone while others miss this opportunity.

Believe me, I had my fair share of late comers from a related project from AnimeUNSW and it annoys everyone who wants to see the fully anticipated finished product. Luckily, we managed to get it ready in time.

Now on a lighter side of things, while I'm fixing the layout of 2003, please throw in dates from your neck of the woods (please no school, uni or college dates. Especially, breaks, exams or sporting events). May it be April Fool's, St. Pat's, Christmas, Easter, etc. Just as long it exists for everyone. Japan I know has numerous holidays, US... now THAT'S a toughy, Australia is obvious, Canada...I know its sort of simiilar to the US (Usagi! Chiki-chan! Can you guys throw in dates from Canada?), etc.

Now here's one controversial thing I should think about: incidents that effected us...and I'm NOT talking about war. For instance, if you live in Australia, you might remember the Port Arthur Massacre or the controversial September 11 incident. Something tells me I shouldn't put these dates in but I want everyone to tell me if it's inappropriate to put these into the calender.

I'll wait for your replies until then.
...NYA! :3
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