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Originally posted by GuGuEaTeR


nah, i say it's a bad idea. there's a very high chance that really young kids might join this forum (when regis are open again) and WILL see the Almighty Picture Threads... and i don't think that's a good idea at all. NOT at all... tainting little kids minds... that's just cruelty!
Young kids might join the forum...too late as you probably don't know there are already people on here like me who are 12 , 13 years old and I would thank you not to consider us kids and that we would destory things because we won't. Besides where I live that's only anime across here all the rest has to shipped in therefore I know most about those series. I think we should have a forum for it at least one big one that covers all the things like Pokemon, Digimon... And anyway these days 'kids' are more grown up on the inside despite what their ages make you think. I think you should at least give it a shot. Pleeeeease. *tries to act like what she thinks would be an irritating child*
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