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Originally Posted by ATh
Are you implying that you act mature? or are you simply admitting that most 12 year olds act more mature than yourself?

Practicality has very little hold over AB and considering the amount of money put into the forum by a small group then there is every right for personal feelings to dictate what IS the public good on this forum.

It is true, most 12 year olds on forums like this act more mature than us... I say us since just because you are a moderator, doesn't mean that you lost all concept of being human and amusing yourself at someone elses expense.

And it is true that the people who fund this deserve a say into it, but if you want a place like this to survive and not turn into a ghost town. (Like it did a couple of months ago before the big crash) I suggest that you try to please people with your work. I've seen a small group of people take over forums before and allow personal feelings dictate what is public good and it never turns out well... You either become their bitch, or get banned... I always end up with the latter...

I just don't want to see AB turn into something like that.
Originally Posted by Pengi_Ken-Ohki
Getting hit on AB is like an attack in my own home. Curse you BK, CURSE YOU!
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