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Black_Knight you are still trying I see after all these years, but how would you explain the poor response to the experimental mon forum which was set up?

You have to separate out the "maturity" of the viewers and the "maturity" of the Pokemon anime (or cartoon) itself.
In terms of maturity, the first series is easily as "mature" as some of the other animes with forums - in terms of the themes present rather than the amount of guns, sexual content ET AL (which then gradually disintegrates second series onwards, not least due to severe plot repetition, dialogue breakdown, increased marketing slants and character dilution syndrome)
In terms of "maturity" of the viewers, I wouldn't like to generalise.

Still, now the hysteria of Pokemon, Digimon, Monster Rancher ET AL seems to have died down, I am still of the impression that the first series of Pokemon was vastly underrated (and about 90% of the episodes after that up to start of series 6 were overall poor), Digimon was poor but humourous, Monster Rancher was poor and Beyblade was an abomination....
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