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Unhappy Help =*( (Crest of the Stars fans plz)

As some of you may know, I'm in love. Her name is "Crest of the Stars". However I have a problem, detailed below.

A few years ago, when I was a l33t leecher kiddy I leeched an anime on Direct Connect. Back then I hated leeching pieces of anything, because I was a modem user. So it meant never ever getting the ending. I didnt watch it.
A long time after I was clearing space on my HDD and noticed these files that were really old laying around. Anywho, I watched and the anime was kinda so-so but interesting enough. It was about these elf like people taking over planets.

The last episode I saw, some prisoners or planet inhabitors or something were overthrowing the local govt. There was this 'boy' ish looking governor who was clearly cared about by his elven friend.

Fast forward a few years.
I signed up with a company similar to netflix, and basically 'qued' the 1st dvd of anything looking mildly interesting. So I can quickly choose whats worth most time.
One of these was "Crest of the Stars". I immediately recognised the boy and the Elf chick (They are the 'Abh'). Oh, yeh, she's a hotty. Watching that dvd made me quite happy. Absolutely 4 or 5 star that one.
Anywho, Ive now seen 2 dvds of it, and it definately looks to follow a different story line to what I saw all those years ago. For one thing, the boy hasnt even been trained in being a governor, and the girl is just a trainee pilot not a captain or whatever she was.

Is there a second series Im missing or an OVA!?? What is its name? I must locate it immediately. Ive totally fallen for 'Crest of the Stars'.

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