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Originally Posted by Pengi_Ken-Ohki View Post
Other than yourself, do you think anyone cares that the mods arent as active anymore?
I would think Eva2k cares because he's investing good money into his AnimeBoards Project and therefore has an interest in the performance of his moderators in moulding the image of this board to his ideals.

As for other members, virtually all of them don't give a toss about discussing anything. So the fact that they don't care about the performance of the mods is not specific to this particular topic, and reflects a general apathy rather than the pointlessness of this topic relative to other topics on AB.

Originally Posted by Pengi_Ken-Ohki View Post
Also you shouldn't call em losers, unlike most sites, our mods were selected for their awesomeness and not their desire to rule humanity.
The key word here is "were". But what are they now? My key point was that over the last 2 years, they have been anything but awesome and I've given some hard facts in my last post and other posts. They were chosen to moderate and they haven't been doing that properly.

Originally Posted by cool2burn
Pengi you forget the type of person that your talking to the type that nit picks other peoples grammar.... Im almost sure he doesn’t watch Anime because he likes it but to find all the grammar errors in the fansubbing and send emails to the fansub groups complaining and telling them how his awesome I am above you all thinking will fix all there grammar problems.
What kind of snake-oil are you trying to sell here? Let's get the facts right here:

You have continuously spammed AnimeBoards for months with posts that are totally unrelated to the thread topic. Also, you don't make the odd grammar mistake here and there - your sentence structure is fundamentally mutated on a regular basis with a batshit insane aversion to the use of punctuation.

Sure, we all make grammar mistakes, but in your case, it is the frequency and degree of these mistakes and your meaningless posts that sets you apart. So when I call you out on this, I'm not being serious at all - I'm just telling you the truth which anyone here can see. I'm not nit-picking your grammar, I'm drawing attention to the giant piles of elephant dung.

So don't go bitching to Pengi or anyone for support, because you haven't got the hard facts here to back you up and you deserve all the flak that you get. You are symptomatic of what is wrong with AB - your posts are like a stinking disease devoid of any real intelligence. Playing the victim only compounds your inability to face reality.

Now be a good boy and go spam some other threads, and leave this thread for people that can make intelligible posts.

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