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I have started, am in the middle of, and have not finished:
  1. Blue Seed (near middle of series)
  2. Dragonball (seen up to the end of the first Martial Arts Tourament)
  3. Dragonball Z (seen up to the Majin Vegeta/normal Buu fight)
  4. Dragonball GT (seen up to the defeat of Bebi)
  5. Gasaraki (at the 5th tape)
  6. Mobile Suit Gundam (only seen the first 1/3 of the episodes aired on Toonami)
  7. Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket (again, only seen 2/3 of the episodes aired on Toonami)
  8. Key the Metal Idol (seen the first DVD)
  9. Nadesico (seen the first two tapes)
  10. NieA_7 (seen the first two DVDs)
  11. Oh My Goddess OVA (seen the first two episodes)
  12. Adventures of Mini-Goddess (seen about 45 minutes of it)
  13. Rurouni Kenshin (in the middle of the Kyoto Arc, Kenshin has met his master)
  14. Slayers the first one...recent first impressions here.
  15. Tenchi Universe (seen maybe 3/4 of the episodes, but not in order, from the airing on Toonami)
  16. Tenchi in Tokyo (seen only 1/4 of the episodes, all Toonami versions)
  17. Revolutionary Girl Utena (seen the first thirteen episodes), recent first impressions here
I'm currently re-watching:
  1. Berserk
  2. Cowboy Bebop
  3. Record of Lodoss War OVA
  4. Serial Experiments Lain
  5. Trigun
As mind-numbing as it may look, I'm not doing this all at once. I've been working on Blue Seed, for example, for months. The last Nadesico tape I saw was back before June. I can juggle all the plots no sweat. Having this many "open" series gives me more options when I visit the anime rental store.

[Edit...forgot about Key...]
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