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Originally Posted by Black_Knight View Post
Seriously George, I know you're a busy man, but stop ------- around get a project going since the only new posts we've had is in the RP forum, what the hell man?
I think you should direct this at the existing members other than the admin. We've pushed Eva2k for change for a long time and he's already delivered the changes. Granted, the changes don't go far enough, but if you're looking for more activity, you've got to look at the other side of the equation, which is posting activity by current members.

Going back to that delightful "Town Meeting" (which was an attempt to get a project going) we had, the general consensus was that people can't be arsed to post more. The basic views were:
  • We need to do something but I can't be arsed to post more even though that would help
  • I am content with the Great Wall of Silence here and hence can't be arsed posting more
  • I think this place will continue to limp along with a backwards post-rate for all eternity (which is not guaranteed by any means) and hence I will use that as an excuse to not post more
  • I couldn't give a ----
  • I'm willing to post more but looking at the lack of enthusiasm shown by other people, I think I'd just let this place rot a bit more - i.e. I can't be arsed posting more

In other words, nobody is prepared to walk the walk.

Add to this the moderators upholding their incorrigible vow of silence, and you're left with an online community with a systematic inability to start intelligible discussions. Although I'm not sure whether this is worse than other messageboards with a lot more activity, but also with a lot more inane mentally-retarded crap. I can't decide what's worse.

Originally Posted by eva2000
I can say the rate of new signs has declined since upgrading to vB 3.7.x series as the anti-spam measures have been very effective in preventing spammers/spambots etc from registering in the first place - since 1 in 6 new sign ups turn out to be spambots
According to the graph in this thread:, the rate of people signing up has decreased by about 8-10-fold, so there appears to be a much higher proportion of droids trying to sign up.

Speaking of spam, check out clint999, who has posted in this thread. Shouldn't the mods be weeding out these robots?

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