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Originally Posted by Seifer_fan View Post
ahhh shut up!!! If you don't like it so much than leave, that is all we are all working to fix!....... jeez!.
Actually he's making many fair assessment's about the site. There's a lot of room for improvement for the boards on a technical level. I also recommend Seifer_fan that if we're trying to keep people posting here, encouraging them to leave is a bad idea.

Originally Posted by Jura View Post
It really is mostly the staff's responsiblity to advertise. Members are like customers. You give them what they want and people will tell others and link to here.
We've been trying over the last year or so to get the boards running back to a normal level. Right now we're sort of figuring out what we can do. Any constructive suggestions that you might have would be greatly appreciated.

This forum has outdated anime sub-forums,
We're in the middle of trying to organize which forums need to be archived and which ones will stay. Any suggestions that you can make can be directed to this thread.

runs on software that isn't modern, and has settings that the modern average user won't like. Avatar size is a perfect example.
Vbulletin out of date? I'm pretty sure that Gaiaonline uses something similar to Vbulletin and that's a exponentially larger forum than here. I do agree with the avatar size but the reason for that is George is more or less paying for this out his own pocket and bandwidth isn't cheap. However, I have had some problems uploading avatars myself. I recommend addressing that issue in a separate thread.

You guys have so much competition out there.
Yeah but we're working on bring ourselves back up to snuff.
If by high art you mean it's fun to smoke pot and look at Mike Mignola's art, I'm in total agreement.
- Tom Spurgeon (writer for the comics journal), on whether or not Mike Mignola's Hellboy is high art
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