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Talking Rewatching Gunslinger Girl -- SPOILERS

I just finished watching the entire Gunslinger Girl series for the second time. The first time was maybe two years ago -- or less. The second time around the story did not seem so depressing, probably because I already know the story and there were no shocking surprises.

The last time I posted comments, I remember there was some disagreement as to Angelica’s fate. Some say she dies in the final episode, while some say she is only sleeping. It seems she does live in the manga, but many animes differ from the manga. In the series, after watching the final episode once in English and once in Japanese with subtitles, I can say that Angelica is most certainly dead. Her death is alluded to and predicted several times in the final episode. One of the handlers even says she does not have long to live. It also makes for a very strong ending.

What Angelica’s death does do is create questions for the rumored second series. If the second series follows the manga, then they would have to revive Angelica. But the remainder of the manga sounded pretty lame when described to me. Leave Angelica dying in peace and get on with an original story, please.

The only other observation I would make is that at the end Henrietta does seem to regain part of her human soul. You can see this in the way she begs Marco to visit Angelica. I credit her handler Guise’s love to this. However, it is obvious that Henrietta will still remain a killing machine, and that she and the other girls are doomed to eventually follow Angelica.

Any other comments?
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