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Originally Posted by Project Akira View Post
I don't see how I am being off-topic by answering a question that you asked.
Technically, you are being off-topic since this topic is an appeal directed specifically at Eva2k and the mods in the Contact Admin/Moderators sub-forum. I made this abundantly clear in my first post, and this appeal is not the business of any other member. That's an objective fact and your subjective interpretations have no purchase at all.

Originally Posted by Project Akira View Post
My point still stands. You repeated almost verbatim what I said. While you may have agreed with me, there was no point in posting the same statement.
Almost verbatim statement (not the "same" - stop contradicting and embarrassing yourself in the space of a single post) - it had a different meaning as I just explained in the first point of my previous post (did you even understand that point?). Whoops! There goes your whole argument. You're going to have to buy more straw and construct some other flimsy line of attack, although the price of straw has rocketed since you entered this thread.

Originally Posted by Project Akira View Post
That's pretty much spamming which is more than likely what your warning was for if you look at the reason for why your post was edited.
Er, no I was not spamming because what I wrote had a different meaning to your post, although it was similar. Which part of that don't you understand? .

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