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home away from home... welcome home guys

Originally Posted by Shinobi X View Post
I lol at that but it's true. As others now have children who can do that, I just graduated from high school a month back.

Happy 9th birthday AnimeBoards and I wish this boards will remain a safe and fun place for all anime fans to discuss and have fun throughout the year! ^^
thanks Shinobi and congrats on high school graduation

Originally Posted by Bishdariel View Post
My first post after a long, long, long time!

Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hey Bishdariel .. thanks

Originally Posted by LiDDoDrAgOn View Post
It's been so long! This place was the first online community I joined when I got my new laptop in middle school. The community was great, and it just wasn't the same anywhere else after this..

Happy Birthday Animeboards!!!!!!

Hi George!
thanks LiDDoDrAgOn for stopping by

Originally Posted by dalmain View Post
Happy Birthday Animeboards!!!! Happy 9th and many to come. I've been here for years and don't post much, but I always find my way back. A home away from home.
indeed dalmain - thanks and welcome home

Originally Posted by Tsunami-X View Post
Happy Birthday Animeboards!

I like the new look. Very modern for some reason. I knew you were probably in the background working on the restructure/updates. I'm glad you're still there for the community, no matter how idiotic we get.
Here's to George and for another 9 years
thanks Tsunami-X - yeah i'm always thinking about designs and updates for AB - probably more to come this year

Originally Posted by Nulani View Post
Happy Birthday.
thanks Nulani

Originally Posted by John Faulkner View Post
Eva2k, you have done a stellar job in improving the layout of AnimeBoards - a truly wonderful work of art. I cannot imagine a finer way to celebrate 9 glorious years of existence.

By the way,

Shinobi X

Eva2k's put his heart and soul into this messageboard, so it would only be right if we all pitch in and start posting more regularly. I think it would be a tragedy if after all of Eva2k's hard work, we only stop by to say "Happy Birthday!" once every year. The guy's poured bucket-loads of hard-earned cash into running this place and it is a small ask for us to post, say, at least once a week.

So how about it?
thanks John Faulkner for your continued persistence in the improvement of AB

Originally Posted by dheu View Post
Happy B-Day, AB!

I like the new look.
thanks dheu
be afraid... Admin cap is back... !
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