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Well I’d recommend it to anyone who’s into the same sort of series and didn’t have a problem with incest themes or violence.

If you’re a CLAMP fan you'd like AS, as Yuki-sama’s work is similar to, but not, CLAMP. Though mch more to the RG Veda side rather then the Chobbits side of CLAMP

The OVA art is good and the music is even better. Oh and not to forget the great list of japanese VA.

DON’T buy AS If you want an anime that makes sense and you not thinking "what the…" at the end. The plot is poor rehash of an in depth manga series…. Less then 1/4 of the whole story is covered.

But hey, if I had to think about every series before I bought it I’d never buy any thing

NB: if you think Setsuna and Sara’s relationship is the grossest thing in AS then you haven’t read the manga.
The best bishies are always the villians.

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