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Zippy Zipperdale: Moderately Mad Scientist (thread 3)

After a long delay of starts and stops, and after getting distracted by projects that people appreciated more, I finally finished off the ninth Zippy chapter, still driven by whatever unknown force that compels me to keep writing this. In this chapter, Krystal finally get her girls night out arranged, but a surprising revelation takes everyone in a new direction they'd never thought they'd see.

For those few of you who are still bothering to read this, I hope it was worth the wait. By the way, does everyone like the Megan character? I've been wondering about that since its the weirdest character I put in here.

Click to download:



The Ninth Experimen

By Hardcover

After a long night of tossing and turning in a sleepless torment, her body shivering and shuddering as its muscles seemed to move on their own, Charity Milquetoast only managed a small amount of sleep, finally nodding off after curling up in a fetal position, scared out of her mind while her body seemed to ripple with motion that was not of her own volition. She had been frightened out of her mind, not knowing what was happening to her, but she was even more frightened of going to a teacher. It was one of her secret fears, that something might happen to her and the teachers would turn her into their own private guinea pig instead of helping her.

So she had lain in bed, as who knows what happened to her, afraid to tell anyone, not even her roommate.

She awoke, not with a gentle return to consciousness; but rather a sudden jolt, as if from some nightmare that she couldn’t remember in her waking state but none the less left her fretful and scared. She peered out from under the sheets and saw through the dim light filtering through the shades that her roommate Tiffany Pikenbeiler had already left without even bothering to wake her. She had obviously slept right through her alarm.

Timidly, Charity threw the covers back on her sheets and swung her legs over the side. Something was strange; the room seemed slightly different somehow: Almost like it was subtly more defined and clear to her eyes then it had ever appeared before. She dropped to the floor and tried to stand up.

She could only manage a slight stoop; she was distressed to discover that she couldn’t stand up all the way.

She staggered towards the bathroom, new fear crawling in her belly. She felt all different. She was standing on her toes, but she couldn’t seem to put her feet flat on the floor, and there felt like there was some kind of swelling at the base of her spine, it felt heavy and uncomfortable, like something was attached back there.

She passed a mirror and looked at her reflection.

At that moment, Charity screamed.

Crouched down naked in the shower, Zippy playfully splashed water onto Jetson who was also in the tub with her. She giggled as she cupped the water in her hand and tossed it in the direction of the squid, who squirted back at her with his funnel. They were both having a good time when Zippy thought she heard a scream.

What did someone screw up now, she wondered?

Deep in the massive underground tank that she called her home, Megan the megalodon swam gently through the gloom. She was in the middle of the tank, and as such could not see the surrounding walls. It was almost like being in the open ocean, but safer. Nothing in this tank would threaten her children once they were born, or at least Megan hoped so. She lazily moved around, letting the salt water flow through her mouth where it was filtered through her gills, giving her the oxygen she needed to live. In these moments, alone with her unborn pups, Megan felt almost serenely at peace.

She knew where her mate was, of course; Morgan was far below her swimming around at the bottom of tank, which he enjoyed. She floated around, noting the heaviness in her abdomen: It wouldn’t be long now, and her twins would be born. The thought filled her with an excited giddiness and a warm feeling that ran all the way down the length of her sixty foot body to her tail. She couldn’t wait to be a mother, a mother of the most unique set of twins in the world: The next generation of the new species of megalodon that she and Morgan represented. She swelled with pride and excitement at the thought.

She moved and angled her head, pushing forward with one mighty thrust of her tail. Suddenly, her lateral lines, fine fluid filled vessels that ran along the length of her body that picked up vibrations in the water, began to detect movement. As she turned around, her keen eyes spotted something far at the end of the tank. They were almost invisible at this distance, but she could definitely make out several figures swimming in the tank with her.

Annoyed, she gave another powerful thrust of her tail and headed in their direction. She didn’t mind guests, but whoever these people were; they were coming in uninvited and trying to sneak around unnoticed. It was just common courtesy to announce yourself when you entered someone else’s territory, and Megan didn’t like anyone sneaking around in hers and Morgan’s like a human thief; especially not with her twins on the way.

But, as with the other times she’d noticed them, no matter how fast she moved, they were gone by the time she got there. Even at her top speed of 35 MPH, the human figures were gone before she arrived. She snorted in annoyance, pushing bubbles out of her nose. She was sure they were using the aqueducts to move in and out of the tanks, it was the only way. She clacked her teeth together: These intrusions were more then just irritating; they had her significantly worried, and when you’re sixty feet long and have a mouth full of six inch teeth, that wasn’t easy to do.

What bothered her the most was something she hadn’t told Zippy and the other girls: Like all sharks, Megan’s senses were quite acute, utilizing a wide array of stimulation to sense things in the water. One of her most powerful was her ampullae of Lorenzini; a network of canals in and along her head that were filled with a special jelly like substance that allowed her not only to detect magnetic fields to help her navigate, but to detect the weak electrical stimulation of muscle movement that all living things give off. At any given time, Megan knew where every other animal in the aquarium section of the school was (hell, she knew when students were swimming in the moat), and she always knew when the humans were coming around before they got here.

But these swimmers, these intruders into her territory, gave out such a strange, low key signal, that they were almost invisible to her in the water.

Chatting excitedly as girls do, Zippy, Lizzy, Rina and Krystal made their way down the hall enwrapped in their conversation. They’re conversation was one to be expected; the other three were trying weed juicy details about Zippy’s date with Kyle out her. They were prodding, but Zippy was insistent that they’d seen everything that was worth seeing when he kissed her, but they still pressed for more details. What they thought could have happened, Zippy didn’t know; it wasn’t like he had proposed to her or anything. But the gigging and jabbing continued.

In the midst of all this, Krystal was having a ball; as she had grown to adore girl talk, the kind of fun light conversation that had never been available to her as Cristobel; she found she looked forward to these moments of simple fun with the girls. She wondered if now would be the time to bring up a girls night out? She had been itching to try something like that for a while now.

“I’m telling you, there’s nothing to tell.” Zippy insisted, “You saw all the best stuff when he kissed me.”

“I think you’re not telling us the whole truth.” Lizzy said.

“Of course I am.” Zippy rolled her eyes, “If we’d done anything else I’d tell you.”

“Are you sure?” Rina smiled happily.

“Rina, how shy do I look.” Zippy said levelly, “If we’d had sex, I’d have told you about it.”

Rina blushed, her face turning a bright shade of pink, “Ah . . . that’s . . . that’s not what I meant.”

Everyone giggled at Rina’s embarrassment. That hadn’t been entirely true; as far as Zippy was concerned, if they’d had sex, it was none of their goddman business (At most, she might have told Lizzy), but she’d said it to get exactly this kind of reaction and put the focus on Rina and not her. As they moved forward they were suddenly confronted by Miss Piranha, dressed in a slinky leather outfit that looked more like it was strapped to her body rather then worn by her. She clapped her hands gleefully together as she saw the four girls.

“Why hi there, my little Frankenstiens.” She squealed, “And how is our girl Zippy after her big date?”

Zippy smiled, “It was great. We really hit it off and we’re gonna start seeing each other. It was perfect.”

“So,” Miss Piranha asked with a gleam in her eye, “Did anything else happen? More then that kiss we saw?”

Zippy rolled her eyes and everyone laughed, even Miss Piranha was trying to wring the juicy details out of her. Maybe she was just reading things into it, but for the last few days it seemed like Miss Piranha had been overly chipper with them, as if she had been trying to hard to look happy and energetic. It occurred to Zippy, that she might be depressed about something, there was an unusual look of sadness in her eyes, and emotion that had seemed, for a long time, almost foreign to their strange leather clad teacher.

The thought was interrupted by Krystal, who jumped in with a suggestion, “You know what, this calls for a celebration.”

Zippy raised an eyebrow at her, “It does?”

“Yes! It does!” Krystal insisted, “Just us girls! A night at The Manhattan Project!”

As soon as she said it, Krystal felt a wide excited grin spread on her face. She tried to fight it down, but she couldn’t help her enthusiasm; she’d been wanting to have something like this since she first realized she treasured her moments with the other girls. With her friends, she realized; which she had never had a lot of before now. Well, that made sense, at least now she knew why she was so energized about this prospect.

“You know,” Rina piped up from the back, “That’s not a bad idea; we haven’t had a night out with just us in a while. And the spa will be working tonight; we could all go there and relax afterwards.”

Zippy chewed her lip, the idea seemed fun, “What the hell, let’s do it: A girl’s night out for The Shark Tank Guild. We can bring Stitchy along; she should experience this as well.”

“Yes, and Eve will be awake by then.” Lizzy said “We should invite her too. The Twins will wish to come as well.”

“Then it’s settled!” Krystal proclaimed, much too loud.

Miss Piranha smiled at her, “You’re really looking forward to this, aren’t you, Krystal?”

All Krystal could do was nod and giggle.

Zippy patted her shoulder, “Wow, you really are one of the girls now.”

Zippy noticed that Krystal’s eyes actually got moist at that statement. But it was the truth, Krystal had assimilated faster and more completely then she had expected. And she had become, quite surprisingly, a rather good friend to them. It was good to see her embracing her new identity; though the ease of it was unexpected. Though maybe it shouldn’t have been; Zippy now knew that Cristobel’s life had not been the perfect existence he’d made it out to be. The question was, did this new integration into the group make Krystal more fragile then she should be? Zippy wasn’t sure, she didn’t really think so, but it was a concern.

On the other hand, watching Krystal practically skip down the hallway in excitement; it was hard to think her being so happy was any kind of bad thing.

The sprawling fake city in Miss Gojira’s class was under attack once again, this time the four legged robot was a lithe wolf like construction that stomped its way through the miniature metropolis, crushing buildings, biting freeways and sending missiles careening at the targets with exploded with deadly accuracy and instantaneous results. The robot strolled forward, its’ lupine face swinging back and forth as it did so, moving further into the artificial conurbation, wrecking untold urban cataclysm. Its dark eyes whirred as the cameras within sought out its next target.

The robot was called the Dual Kalkageon; it was seven feet long and polished a bright chrome color that glistened in the morning sun as it moved. It was controlled by the Farrell Twins, working in tandem at controls boards that sat on their desks. The class cheered with enthusiasm as the Twins demonstrated their creation. Miss Gojira happily made notes on her note pad, dressed in Uhura’s outfit from Star Trek, her cosplay fixation in evidence as usual.

“Oh! Oh! This is so awesome!” She squealed with her usual glee.

The Kalkageon made its way and spotted the last target. With a high pitched wine, its tail shot out in a curved whip like motion and hit the building with a tremendous crack. The metal whip slashed through the structure, ripping it apart in seconds. The small fake building collapsed and exploded, falling in pieces to the ground like a demolition drop. A huge pile of dust flooded out from the pile of rubble as the fake building ended its existence.

The robot moved back and off the city settling down on its haunches as it powered down. The wrecked buildings lowered into the ground and were replaced by new ones a few seconds later that rose up from underneath. Miss Gojira picked up a small microphone that was remotely wired to a few speakers, a new addition to her class that made her lessons look even more like the WWE then they had before.

“Alright, excellent work, girls.” She chirped happily, “Especially with that whip tail; the function came off flawlessly. High marks for both of you.”

Miss Gojira came over and patted them both on the shoulders, and then as an added bonus, reached down and rubbed their bellies. The two wolf girls yipped with delight and twitched their legs like puppies.

When she went back to the front, Lorne Vasectomy leaned over with his usual wide eyes and dark bags under his eyes, and said, “Great work, Nadjia.”

“Thanks.” Nadjia replied.

“So what am I, chopped liver?” Katjia raised an eyebrow at him.
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