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250 MB free space. You use in their space in exchange for having a small text ad at the bottom of your site.

The main page states as follows:
Aloofhosting Webmasters say:
Ever try other free web hosting providers? Popup ads, unrealistic bandwidth limits, banners at the top or bottom of each screen. It's disgusting.

That's why you should let us exploit you instead. We'll give you 250MB of diskspace to store your large site and 3,000MB of bandwidth so you can provide your content to hundreds of thousands of readers of your teenage-angst poetry. We'll even set up a web-based control panel and FTP to make uploading and managing your site easier -- and what do we ask in return?

At the bottom of your pages we'll insert a small Google text ad to offset the cost of our high-speed servers. No flashing banners, no popups, just a subtle and straightforward text ad.

You use us. We use you. It's modern business at its most honest.
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