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Cool - 9th Birthday!

June 24, 2000 was when first came online. Now today celebrates it's 9th birthday. Yes that's 9yrs ! I think some members here probably have their own children old enough to watch Anime

As with last years birthday announcement, this birthday celebration again starts with sporting a new style for the forums (yes again the forum logo isn't really up to par ). This style isn't set in stone and may change in future

I've also upgrade the forum software to latest vBulletin version as well so take your time to check out the new forum upgrades.

What's happening ?
With free time permitting, I'll also be doing further reorganisation of the forum structure and archiving less used forums and creating more popular anime series forums. Best place for you folks to provide suggestions in regards to this matter would be by posting in Contact Admin/Mod forum - while you may not get a reply/immediate reply from me, rest assured I do read posts for that forum (i'm subscribed to to so get email notifications )

Changing email addresses:
Remember, if you do change your email address, change it to an approved (non-free email address) and make sure to check your new email address for the activation url code so you can re-activate your account. Otherwise, you won't be able to post on the forums until you re-activate your account.

New and Old Members:
Don't forget about the forum rules and registration guidelines for visitors wanting to join these forums.
  1. Registration Rules
  2. Forum Rules

So to all the old and new members of, thanks for sticking it out on AB

Your admin

be afraid... Admin cap is back... !

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