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So I read 4 volumes of Eva AD today... And holy ---- is it ever amazing. It's interesting to see the Eva characters in the alternate universe, and really lets u get to know them more fully. Fumino keeps the chars true to the originals, but just puts them in different situations. Some of it is quite heartwarming, and other parts heartwrenching. The series is full of young and rather clumsy romance, complete with love triangles!! Lol.

Also, Kaworu is a prevelant character, so it's nice to see more of him (he's one of my favourite chars, and the anime only shows him for a scant 22 minutes). Rei's character is very well done too; she's more outgoing, but she still isn't accustom to living.

The art is good, but I wouldn't consider it the best point of the series. One can definitely see the improvements from vol 1 to vol 4.

I absolutely loved it (I read it pretty much in one sitting lol), and I can't wait for moooooooooorreeee~
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