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Post AOD's Grand High License List

AnimeOnDVD runs this and I think it's worthwhile to have it posted in Other Anime.

The following pages are not intended to be a list of anime release dates, there are better sites for that. This is just intended to tell you what shows have been licensed by U.S. commercial anime companies, and if possible, when they intend to start releasing them. In Other Words: If it?s on this list you shouldn?t be fansubbing it, distributing it, or attempting to acquire fansubs of it.
Important - this page does NOT list things that have been out on VHS for a while, but are not DVD yet. That is a completely different kind of list! Go here!
[Edit, fixed the URL for a new one. The bottom quote is no longer on their page, but still applies.]

[Edit: I fixed the URL so it points to the right page.]
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