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Originally posted by Project Akira
*screams like a little girl* I want to thank the makers of Gnucleus for giving me a program that me download FLCL, I want to thank whoever it was that showed FLCL at last year's AWA because without it I wouldn't have seen it for the first time, I want to thank GAiNAX for making such a terrific show, and I want to thank CAT because he's sexy and I couldn't think of a better award to share with the Sexy Resident Evil Wizard.

Also Synchpoint can go to hell for not having better distribution and making me get a HK DVD rip of the series.

But in other words I beez so excited ^^

heh, right on! Moving speech Project Akira! Moving.

Anyway, yay. I won. I totally creamed the competition. (the uh...non existant vote)

Thanks for the vote Snowcherry. Congrats to you! And everyone!

Yeah, not that many people voted. I guess a lot of us don't pay too much attention to names...

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