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This anime film from 2009 is just now getting its American theatrical release - a very limited release. Too bad it is limited. This is actually an enjoyable movie.

Math geek Kenji is conned by Natsuki, the most popular girl in his school, to accompany her to a family reunion celebrating her grandmotherís 90th birthday. To his shock, Natsuki introduces Kenji as her fiancť. But that is not the worst to happen to Kenji. He is framed for hacking into Oz, the one on-line system that the entire world has come to rely on to function. This leads to a confrontation with Love Machine, an avatar created by an artificial intelligence program. Soon Kenji and Natsukiís off-beat family are fighting to save the world.

The violence is pretty mild. The only real blood is a nosebleed. There are about two instances of profanity. So if you want to bring the kids -- well, itís your call.

Summer Wars is an interesting combination of sci-fi and first love. It is also a comedy with truly eccentric characters. There are more than a few twists and turns as we reach the climax. I recommend it if it is playing in your area.
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