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Anime is heavily built on niche and meeting the various niche markets. And when I say "various", I imply the thousands of genres/categories/fetishes/etc.

Big breasts, bouncing breasts, jiggling breasts, flopping breasts... I'd go on but I'm running low on synonyms... this is a niche that meets demand. If no one watched these shows, then they would gradually disappear on their own. This applies to anything and everything regarding these niches.

Is it "niches"? I've never pluralized that before. That doesn't sound right and I'm too lazy to search. Ah well...

There are plenty of anime w/o big breasts or any other distracting element; some that are great and others that suck just as bad as the one's built solely on bouncing boobies.

My point is that whopping whoppers don't ruin anime. It's the viewer letting them be a distraction that may ruin said anime. Of course, I have to admit that sometimes, it is very hard to not let it distract me. It's especially worse if it's something I'm getting into. But, if it was really that good, I doubt the surplus of massive mammaries would prevent me from watching.

When I'm less lazy, maybe I'll post examples of anime with titanic titties that turned out OK (my assumption there was one... there must have been one... probably).

BTW, I used the word "niche" way too much and now it's lost all meaning.
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