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The most money I've ever made was $7.95 per hour. The most I have ever earned was that rate at 45-50 hours per week, that happened a few times. If I buy used CDs within the country, I might be lucky and get them for $5 (single)-$15 (album) each. But take for example the next set of used CDs I am going to get from Japan:

$13.00 Masami Okui - "Megami ni naritai" single KIDA-208
$10.00 Masami Okui - "Shu Aka" single KIDA 167
$16.00 Ayumi Hamasaki - Step You/Is this love? (w/ DVD) AVCD-30722
$15.00 pida-1051 (1999/07/23)
$15.00 spls-846830 (1999/11/12)

To go through a third party outside the country to buy used CDs, you usually pay as much as the list price for new or more. But since these items are not available new (with the exception of Ayumi's Step you single), I am getting them however I can. Also keep in mind that there will be a final EMS shipping cost, which will probably be around $25 or more. It's not that I make a lot of money, I just spend most of my extra cash on CDs whenever I can afford to, and have been doing so for years. I am really looking forward to getting my next set of CDs. They're like crack, but legal and with no negative side effects.

By the way, do any stores in this Japan town sell over the internet (like by email)?
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