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Originally posted by Drizzt
There is no perfect human being. For instance: MdWings likes to give the people around him the impression that he is a very intellectual person. Just read his two questions again, and any other post he has written … and you’ll see what I mean.

You for instance, ... you have chosen a pretty lame nick (pardon me). Lee (Boa), it's just as if you were trying to fit in a group by what other people know you, and not because of who you are. You labelled your person with your nick.
By your own standards then, isn't this supposed 'insight' an attempt to give people the impression that you have a clearer and more 'true' perception of social mechanics than the average poster? You seem to convieniently exclude yourself from your own drive-through psychoanalysis.

And let's talk names. Lee is using his real name and the name of what he's representing here. You, however, are connecting yourself to Drizzt Do'Urden of R.A. Salvatore fame. I doubt Lee spent any more time thinking about his nickname than you did. He is not using a 'screenname' or trying to connect himself to anything other than his group. Would you rather Lee go with the name 'Death Angel of Killing Death'?

I'm sure your opinions on fame and expectations would be fascinating if properly brought up for discussion, but what you've done is aired your personal vendettas in a thread where they'd be the least appropriate and provoke the most reaction. You don't need to prove any sort of tenacity in your own opinions just to prove you're 'different' from everyone else here.

As the saying goes, One only has to be himself.

If you'd like to prove me wrong or whatnot, you may take it to Members Only. Further scrabbling attempts at insight in this thread will be removed. Thank you.

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