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Ok a few things to clear up

Ok sorry I havent posted back but Im here now. Let me try to address some issues. Ill start by saying that my opinion is just opinion. I personally dont like comedic anime..but that doesnt mean that they are horrible...its just my personal preference.

1.) A lot of people, on this thread have said "well bebop is funny.." and "Don't you enjoy American, real-life comedy movies? Whats the difference?" Well allow me to illustrate with an example:
Im assuming that everyone has seen the movie Terminator 2, if you havent go freaking rent it and get with the rest of the world! Anyway, in terminator 2 there are moments when arnold will say something humorous, like when John Conner is trying to teach him how to speak like a human. This in itself was very funny. BUT the reason something like THIS I find to acceptible and MOST anime humor not is b/c I feel that it didnt break the mood of the story. Bebop does the same thing, yes I believe there are funny parts in bebop but the funny parts dont break the overall mood of the storyline. What japanese anime makers will do sometimes though is put together a cool storyline and then ruin it by trying to put TOO much comedy in a serious plotline. I like an anime to have serious plotlines, thats MY OPINION, and therefore when watching one of these animes, I dont want the mood ruined by some slapstick comedy.
Therefore, I will clarify in saying the type of anime humor I dont fine appealing is the type of humor that breaks the mood.

2.) The culture thing. This point is twofold, one its the TYPE of comedy and two its the PLACEMENT of the comedy. First let me say that I have MUCH respect for Japanese culture. So its not as if Im dissing their culture and saying that its all a load of crap. The thing is that a lot of japanese humor I dont find funny b/c Im not integrated into the culture enough. Perhaps if I was then I would find it funny but since Im not, I dont. Secondly, the fact that there is some japanese comedy that I dont "get" doesnt bother me....BUT....again its when ANY type of comedy is placed POORLY in an anime is when it starts to bug me. (see above for poor placement example). Now this again could be considered a culture thing. Japanese film makers arent like American film makers, they have their own style. And sometimes people who are not Japanese dont like that style b/c its not what they are used to. And therefore it becomes a culture issue.

3.) Anime I have seen. A lot of you asked if I have seen this or that...this is what I have seen.
-Cowboy Bebop
-Vampire Hunter D (1+2)
-Escaflone (Movie/Series)
-X Movie
-Tenchi Muyo
-Lodoss War
-Big O
-NGE (Series/Movies)
-Wicked City
-Demon City
-Ninja Scroll
-Ghost In the Shell
-Gundam Wing(Movie/Series)
-Dominion Tank Police
-Project A-Ko

Bare in mind this is NOT the list of all the ones I like, just ones I have seen.

4.) Can anyone recommend any more anime they would think I would like?

I think I answered everyones questions....keep the discussion going guys and remember ITS JUST AN OPINION!!!!!
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