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One more thing

Sorry I just saw another comment I want to talk about.

I take the culture in whole, not in slices. It's wreckless to just take the parts you like then discard the rest. There's more to any culture than drama and violence. It's just as important to know what makes a culture laugh as to kow what makes it angry or sad. Anything less, leads to misunderstanding, misconceptions amd eventually predjudice.
tfcreate I wholeheartedly dont agree. According to your logic, just because I dont like one aspect of Japanese culture does that mean that I cant like any of it? Your right there IS MUCH more to any culture then drama and violence...but I am not watching a documentary on Japan, Im watching entertainment. Think about you have a type of movie that you dont perticularly enjoy? Perhaps you dont like romantic movies, or Sci-Fi or whatever. Does that mean that you cant appreciate the culture of whatever country your watching them in? NO it just means that HEY I DONT LIKE THOSE TYPES OF MOVIES!!! I think that personally you need to get off the high horse and just realize that not every single piece of ENTERTAINMENT thats made in a country is an icon of symbolizm for that countries culture. B/c in the end 99% of the people that make ANY type of movie/T.V. show anime or not Japanese or Not is in it to tell a story and to make money. ANd couldnt they best accomplish those tasks by trying to come out with a product that fits their respective audiences?

In the end I have MUCh respect for japanese culture, I just have a personal preference on the TYPE of anime that I watch. Futhermore, its not prejudice to say that I dont find Japanese comedy funny, b/c its a personal preference. Thats just my opinion...I could be wrong.
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