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Lucu Lucu

I've got a few series' I'd like to throw in this thread since they deserve some notice. On a side note, looking back at some of my entries, I have to think, "what the hell was I thinking when 'recommending' that?" By no means are any of the manga here horrible but surely they don't belong in a "should be read" thread.

This one definitely should be read though:

Lucu Lucu by Asari Yoshitoo

Genre: Seinen, Comedy, Slife of Life

Synopsis stolen from Snoopycool:

"Humans are a despicable lot, committing sin after sin, filling the endless boundaries of the underworld with tortured souls. Now, it would seem, Hell isn't so endless after all, and it has become dangerously close to filling, and then overflowing into the human realm. Princess Lucuha sees this imminent disaster and has a plan: save Hell by making humans decent again. Of course, the Angels can't simply allow Demons to roam freely on Earth, and they do their best to stop Lucu and her dastardly plans."

Basically, Lucu and some demons want to make the world a better place to slow down the number of people going to hell. Her plan is not as grand as it sounds. She becomes a live-in maid, of sorts, for Rokumon, helping him out, in her own way, with his daily life while doing various things to help "better" humanity.

That's the setting. There's kind of a plot but for the most part, it's a light-hearted read with great comedy while all throughout the stories, there's this ominous feeling behind every page cuz, well, it's about demons. And the angels? Well, the demons are trying to do good things so if the angels keep interfering and messing things up... you can figure out what that will lead to. The characters really drive this one, especially Lucu. She's quickly becoming one of my favorite manga characters evar.

If you read all this, I'm sure you already have some preconceptions. Read the first chapter. That'll twist around much of what you were expecting. Then read the second. Now you're hooked... haha... or so I hope. Many things in this manga are flip-flopped, bordering contradictory. The way the story is told given the subject matter, the positions and actions of the demons and angels, and the characters. Especially the characters... especially Lucu. Nearly every character, except Rokumon (gotta have a straight man, right?), is not what you initially think would be.

This is a great read. Check it out. And if you find me a GIF of Lucu dancing, I'll give you my first-born.

7 volumes and 2 chapters (56 total chapters) have been released so far by SnoopyCool.
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