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Nagasarete Airantou

The little boy in me giggles like a... well, little boy when I read this manga.

Nagasarete Airantou by Fujishiro Takeshi

Genre: Shounen, Comedy, Romance, Harem, Ecchi

Ikuto runs away from home, out to sea on a ship. He carelessly falls overboard and ends up on a remote island. He soon finds out there are only women on this island. Great news, right? Unfortunately, even though this is set in modern day times, this island has been isolated for over a hundred years and has not advanced like the rest of the world... no electricity or any modern technology.

Or something thereof.

It's your typical, outrageous plot device to get the harem stories rolling. Why, of the billions of harem comedies, is this one worth noting? Cuz it makes me laugh, dammit. It may be cliche and unoriginal but it's cliche done right. Nowadays, you'd be hard-pressed trying to find something original that doesn't overuse shock factor to maintain that originality; nearly everything has something that's been done. The key is to find something that does it well regardless of originality.

Harem comedies are common and for a good reason, they can be fun to read. This one is HIGH-larious. The mangaka doesn't simply throw in large, splash pages and backgroundless scenes filled with one-liners and panty shots (though, of course, this has its share of both). There's tons of comedy elements WITHIN the normal comedy panels and full utilization of as much of a page as possible. I daresay the mangaka put much thought into the delivery of every scene.

Okok, I'm sleep-babbling again. This one's good stuffs. If you want some laid-back, silly comedy with cliches that should re-define cliches, check this out. Be sure to read into each panel or you will miss many subtle comedy elements. I tend to scan-read new manga and on my second read of this one, I can't believe how much crap I blew past... or maybe that's just me, hahaha.

This has been scanslated by several groups over time but is currently being done by Ala Atra and is up to volume 9, chapter 50.
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