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Yandere Kanojo

This next series is probably decently well-known but since I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere here...

Yandere Kanojo by Shinobi

Genre: Shounen, Comedy, Slice of Life, Romance

*Note: "Yandere" doesn't mean what it normally means. It's a derivation of "Yankee" and "Dere-Dere" and has no crazy in it.

Manabu is your typical quiet, bespectacled student who encounters Reina, your typical outgoing yankee (delinquent).

It was love at first sight. Thus begins their hilarious school life together.

It's a partial gag comedy story with some actual seriousness strewn about. Mostly, it's a light-hearted read with awesome characters. And, Reina is ADORABLE.... I sense a pattern with my current recommendations, heh. Hijiri is adorable, too.

This has been one of the most enjoyable manga I've had the pleasure of reading. Since it came out in 2009, it's one of the few series' that I always catch up on when I get back into reading manga (as briefly noted, I don't constantly keep up with manga and will read off and on, sometimes with up to a year hiatus).

My enjoyment of this manga had been so great that I actually learned Kana so I could read raws when I caught up on scanslations. I'm not nearly as addicted to it now but it still is a great read.

There are two concurrent series' running for Yandere Kanojo, a magazine and online version. They are mostly standalone but will reference each other at times. Combined, there is about 14 volumes out so far.
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