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Thread zombification ftw!

Well, of course I finished this series years and years ago, but the ending still sticks with me... not in a good way. Meaning, I was very disappointed in it.

The fact that all of Ryoki and Hatsumi's character development was concluded by sex just felt incredbily cheap to me. In the end, the character I was hoping would change the most (Ryoki) stayed pretty much consistent throughout, which was the biggest disappointment to me. I wanted him to finally grasp what being in a loving relationship is all about; I wanted him to have some kind of big epiphany that he didn't want his love life to end up like his parents', or that he wanted to create a good family with Hatsumi, or some other romantic nonsense. I wanted him to comprehend, even if only a little bit, that sex isn't the only benefit of a relationship, and thus it shouldn't be the goal.

But in the end, no. Their only sign of love is apparently Ryoki pressuring Hatsumi into sex, which is what he was aiming for the entire series.

I guess the only thing this series made me realize is that guys really are all only about sex? :S

Also, all the bullshit about Hatsumi's brother going off to be a monk is outrageous. Come on! Surely he can find happiness with some other girl, and fall in love somewhere else. Surely he doesn't have to completely remove himself from the world. It's like the mangaka decided, "Hey, let's send him off to a life of celibacy, just to make it REEEEAAALLY obvious that he and Hatsumi won't end up together!" What a cop-out!

Did anyone else finish this and have the same reaction?
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