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All good things must come to an end.

Roleplays have cycles, and Escaflowne has pulled through before against the odds, but Iíve thought this over for a while now. I do not wish to leave the status of the game in limbo, and thus I believe itís time to officially announce this game it at an end. Quite frankly, in months weíve gotten very little done. Thereís no more autonomy and initiative, which tells me that the interest is no longer there, and, while itís part of the GM duties to remind and keep up morale, and I have fought the good fight, I can no longer manage it. So on the anniversary of its creation, I bring this game to a close.

We had our good times and fun moments, it was nice while it lasted, and I only regret that we didnít reach a point that could be considered a conclusion of sorts. Thus, anyone who is interested in the full story behind Aaron and Cain, the plans for the main plot or any character subplots Ė such as the mystery of the symbol on Eírthís collar and who Foucault really was Ė or has any other inquiries may IM or PM me. Or perhaps Iíll post the details on the webpage, which I plan to keep up for nostalgiaís sake. Finally, feel free to create any threads if you like in this forum relating to the roleplay, banter, extras, discussions, etc.

On February 1st, 2002 the first post of the Animeboards Escaflowne roleplay is made.
On February 1st , 2005 the game is declared over.

Take care.

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