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Red face Knight Hunters

I watched the sequel series, Knight Hunters Eternity, some time ago. I remember I liked it, but I don't remember much else -- except that many of the main characters don't end up so well.

So I finally got around to watching the original. This is a relatively older anime dating back to 2001, so the animation is somewhat dated at parts. Still we seem to be getting a good story.

Ken, Omi, Aya and Youji are four young men who jointly run a florist shop -- by day. At night they are vigilantes working for some unnamed organization. Their mission is to kill. Simple enough, except they all seem to bring a bit of baggage to the job.

I finished disc 1, episodes 1-5. It is pretty good so far, though all the stories up to now are to establish the characters. More later, so please post no spoilers!

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