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Re: Re: Brain Powered

Originally posted by Project Akira
Hate to disappoint you but Brain Powered was NOT created as a rebuttal to Eva. I have an interview with creator Yoshiyuki Tomino where he says that he had already been making the series when Eva came out, and knew the comparisons would be there. He then goes on to state that he never made this as a response to Eva, it just happened to come out around the same time hence the comparisons.
One notice the quotation marks, another is i have never called evangelion "Shin Seki Evangelion" before and also I made this thread ages ago.

Two, Evangelion came out in 1995, Brain Powered 1998.

Three it's annoying that this series can somehow be (in some people's eyes) a rip off of evangelion when Tomino himself created the genre with Mobile Suit Gundam.

Four, When Tomino saw Evangelion he apprantly was very very pissed off since he was working on BrainPowered.

Five the opening theme song ------ rocks
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